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  • London
  • https://asanalodge.com/locations/drug-and-alcohol-rehab-london/
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  • When considering London based rehab clinics, there is now a large influx, making your search very overwhelming. Although there are a number of specialist clinics, demand is high.

    Down to this, you may struggle to secure an immediate programme at a drug and alcohol rehab in London.

    If you are hoping to remain close to home, our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge can still offer convenience. Yet, we provide greater benefits by promoting residential rehab.

    By removing yourself from drug and alcohol influences in London, by visiting our Towcester based clinic, you will have greater privacy and distance to concentrate on your rehabilitation journey.

    Remaining in the hustle and bustle of London can carry many distractions. Distractions can in turn delay your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, lengthening your stay at rehab.

    Additionally, your mindset to recover may change if you experience delays, making it very difficult to tackle the psychological strain of addiction.

    Down to this factor, it is advised that you avoid finding a drug and alcohol rehab in London. Instead, benefiting from residential rehab here at Asana Lodge will be encouraged, by experiencing our specialist and industry acknowledged approach to addiction recovery.
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