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Bubbles Dog Grooming

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  • https://www.bubblesdoggrooming.co.uk/
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  • My grooming parlour is based in Rowhedge Unit 5, 39 high street. Although most of you would find it easier to walk your dogs to me, I also offer one parking space outside my parlour to drop off and collect your dogs.
    Bubbles Dog Grooming offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere, working on a one to one basis. Only one dog at a time unless from the same household. I groom at your dogs pace not mine as each dog is different and has different needs and characters. I know some dogs are nervous so having a one to one service with no other dogs around is crucial to help avoid any anxieties as I want your dog to feel calm, relaxed and safe in a stress free environment. Your pooch will have access to my enclosed garden for comfort breaks (weather permitting) and my parlour has a ball pool with lots of different toys to play with as play is an important part in making your baby feel safe and secure with me. Grooming for some dogs can be scary, so I like to build a relationship with your pooch as regular grooms are essential in keeping their coat and skin healthy. My priority throughout your dogs visit with me is their welfare, comfort and needs.
    Prices vary depending on breed, size, condition of coat and temperament and are based on regular grooming. Curlier coats such as Bichions and Cockerpoo types needs 4-6 weekly grooming whereas breeds such as Husky’s can go longer, 12 weeks being the maximum between grooms. 6 weekly grooms is the normal to keep your dog looking and feeling good.
    Daily brushing AND combing is essential to avoid matts and to keep a close bond between you and your fur baby. Excessive matting causes distress to dogs and I always put health before vanity. No dog likes to feel like they are in a straight jacket as matts get tighter and tighter, pulling at the skin from the surrounding area and restricts blood flow causing sores or other skin problems. I would like to work as a team with you and your pooch as a clip off is my last resort, costly to you and no groomer likes to clip off a matted dog.
    Puppies need to be introduced to the grooming world from 3 months. I welcome puppies to come and play in my groom room to get used to the smells and noises. The earlier they come, the quicker they accept the routine of being groomed. One step at a time. Grooming is not scary but for a dog who comes in matted, it would not be a pleasant experience for them and most likely have issues accepting being groomed again.
    Some dogs don’t like their paws being held, especially front paws as that’s where they associate discomfort from Vet jabs. To help your dog over this anxiety please play games with your dog by getting them used to you holding their paw. Gently stroke down their leg from shoulder to paw and praise them for giving you their paw. Repeat this regularly. Run a metal spoon around their faces in preparation for sharp scissors being used when grooming. Praise is the key to a happy dog. The more you do with your pooch the happier they will be to accept clippers and scissors being used. I am happy to show you the correct way to keep your dog Matt free with combining brushing and combing and problem areas
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