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GWB Harthills

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  • 0114 290 950
  • south-yorkshire
  • Sheffield
  • https://www.gwbharthills.co.uk/
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  • Our team have a one-on-one, very personal approach that isn’t typical of many client-solicitor relationships. We concentrate solely on Criminal and Family Law as these are the areas we know we can provide you with the most benefit, We offer you a real and affordable alternative to the larger commercial practices.

    At GWBHarthills we are committed to fairness for our clients. Whether it is ensuring that a divorce settlement is fair, the Police are behaving appropriately or Social Services are following their procedures, we are here to fight your corner.

    As leaders and experts in the industry, we experience a geeky excitement from helping our clients get out of difficult situations. Although it’s been a while since law school we maintain the same enthusiasm and passion for the law.
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