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New Business Websites

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  • 01138800007
  • west-yorkshire
  • Leeds
  • https://www.newbusinesswebsites.co.uk/
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  • Based in Leeds. New Business Websites helps small and startup businesses get a foothold in the online community. We will design and develop your website and make sure it has great search engine optimisation so you can rank high in Google.

    We know how difficult it can be starting your business, that’s why we provide a split the cost service where you can pay for the site in three smaller monthly payments. We will even point you in the right direction for business grants from the government of up to £25,000. The grants can help pay for advertising costs, software and hardware and even a brand-new website from us.

    Your website would not be complete without all the necessary pages to keep you compliant with all UK laws. That’s why we provide cookie policy, privacy policy, and GDPR pop ups for free.

    We will even give you a place to host your website for free for the first year. If you check out our website prices page you will see we make even our competitors blush with the extraordinary value you will receive from us.
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