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PD Carpet Cleaning Milton Keynes

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  • Imagine you could have your carpets cleaned, but you didn't have to wait for several hours for them to dry. If that sounds appealing to you then you'll love our service. At PD Carpet Cleaning Milton Keynes we guarantee that your carpets will be dry within 30 minutes of being cleaned, minimising the inconvenience often associated with carpet cleaning, due to long drying times.

    Our cleaning process uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and uses minimal amounts of water so it's great for the environment. There is no risk of overwetting the carpet or problems arising as a result of it, such as shrinkage, dampness, mould, odours and cellulosic browning.

    Our cleaning solutions coupled with our cleaning approach allows us to deodorise and stain protect your carpets as we clean them. The former will leave your carpets smelling fresh, whilst the stain protector does what it says on the tin. These two benefits are covered in the price.

    We also offer an Antimicrobial as an optional extra. You may want to purchase this if you have strong odours that you want neutralised, and you would also like to kill any bacteria in your carpet. This treatment is commonly requested by our customers who have pets.

    Once we've finished cleaning your carpet, we'll turn our heated bonnet cleaner up to 85 degrees. We'll then run it over the carpet, evaporating and absorbing the moisture in it with each pass. This is how we're able to guarantee 30 minute drying times. IF you'd like to find out more, or book a clean, then visit our website today!
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