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Sherlock's Tree and Countryside Services

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  • 07785958188
  • wiltshire
  • Wilton
  • http://https://www.sherlockstreecountryside.co.uk/
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  • Sherlock's Tree and Countryside Services in Wiltshire.

    Tree surgery,
    Hedge trimming,
    Stump grinding,
    Shrub pruning,
    Fruit tree pruning,
    Garden clearance.

    Sherlock's Tree and Countryside Services is run by Mark who has been working in the industry for nearly 30 years.

    In addition to running his own business providing tree services to customers all over the South West, he spent five years working for an environmental consultancy where he gained additional skills in countryside management.

    Dividing his time between Wiltshire and South Devon, Mark is in the unique position of providing a wide range of services to both private customers and businesses (such as ecological consultants and developers) across Wiltshire, North Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and South Devon.

    Alongside Mark is a team of friendly specialists he can call upon whenever required so whatever the job, you can be sure it will be done to the highest standard at a competitive price.

    If you have a job that Mark can help with, big or small, please contact him for a free, no obligation quote and he would be happy to help.
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    Tree Surgery
    Hedge cutting
    Stump grinding
    Fruit tree/shrub pruning
    Garden clearance

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