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  • 01515455310
  • merseyside
  • Knowsley
  • https://www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/kirkby-hearing
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  • Specsavers advance rechargeable
    Never change batteries again. New advance rechargeable hearing aids provide exceptional hearing clarity at our lowest ever price for rechargeable hearing aids at our Knowsley hearing centre

    Hearing is now hassle-free
    No more fiddling with batteries yourself - advance rechargeable does it all for you. You just place your hearing aids in their charger when you’re not using them and they begin powering up their lithium-ion batteries straight away. They last for up to 19 hours on a three-hour charge â€' so you can wear them all day and charge them overnight if you wish.

    A natural hearing experience
    Our advance rechargeable hearing aids are packed with digital technology that allows a more natural hearing experience. So you can hear clearly even in the noisiest environments. What’s more, a special new feature - called MyVoice - allows you to hear your own voice naturally too, something all hearing aid wearers will love.

    Your phone and your hearing aids connected
    The new advance rechargeable hearing aids connect directly to your smartphone. That means phone calls are streamed straight to your hearing aids. You can also stream music, audiobooks and podcasts from your favourite apps and more.

    Conversations made easier
    Intelligent features included in your advance rechargeable hearing aids are specifically designed to make understanding speech much easier. In one-to-one conversations they maintain the natural loudness of speech and automatically suppress unwanted noise.

    Control at your fingertips
    Downloading a free app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aids. This allows you to quickly and easily monitor the battery status and adjust the volume. You can even change the direction of their built-in microphones for better speech understanding and more comfortable hearing in any listening environment.

    Our prices always include:

    A hearing check

    Two digital hearing aids

    Aftercare for life

    Four years’ supply of batteries**

    Choice of fitting styles

    90-day money-back guarantee

    Four-year warranty

    As well as stocking leading brands, we also have the advance range, which is produced exclusively for Specsavers by world-leading manufacturers.

    *Best value guarantee applies to two hearing aids
    **Excludes rechargeable hearing aids, which come with a charger

    Get yourself a hearing test today at our Knowsley Kirkby hearing centre.

    21 St Chad's Parade, Kirkby Shopping Centre, Liverpool, L32 8RD

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