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Health By Science

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  • 07812 372 21
  • city-of-edinburgh
  • Inverleith
  • https://www.healthbyscience.co.uk
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  • Choosing the correct Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist in Edinburgh for you can be a tough process. Whether you are trying to recover from an injury or searching for stroke rehabilitation in the Lothian's, it’s important to minimise the risk of a recurrent injury or a secondary stroke. This means you can look forward and return to feeling and performing at your best. Receive an incredibly comprehensive assessment and treatment, enabling you to immediately manage your injury Our emphasis is on the standard of our treatments not on the number of patients we see. This is why each treatment appointment lasts a minimum of 1 hour. We guarantee to reduce the number of sessions that you need ' making the shift from amazing short-term recovery to long-term longevity as smooth as possible. Every week we deliver our current and past clients and stroke survivors practical resources and tips to keep them motivated on minimising their chances of injury and maximizing their quality of life. Have to move city? At Health By Science, once your symptoms have improved, our door is always open. For us, aiding you to maintain your results and increase your standard of living is the most significant thing.
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